“Joyfully unconventional” is how Josh Adler from the Paris Wine Company describes Serge Scherrer and his wines (if you ever want to flatter us, then this would be a great place to start).  Tucked away west of Avignon, in Saint-Quentin-La Poterie on the fringes of the Cévennes national park, until very recently Serge had been living a double life to make the dream of sustaining himself as vigneron a reality.

Originally from Alsace, where he studied winemaking (and was also a postman), Serge moved south and bought 4 hectares of old, hillside vineyards planted with low-yielding Carignan, Grenache Noir, Syrah and Grenache Blanc.  As we see all over the ‘new-France’, plots considered too small to be commercially useful have been re-invigorated with toil and commitment from individuals like Serge, who arrived to start his project in 2007.

As you may expect, Serge’s work is a very traditional with very little intervention in the vineyard or in the winery. He harvests everything by hand and works completely organically, using minimal sulphur through-out the winemaking process.  These are at once savage and satisfying wines that reflect Serge’s gentle manner but yet are dominated by their terroir.

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