Clos Signadore is based in Poggio d’Olerra, in the north of Corsica in the AOC Patrimomio. You’re never too far from the mountains in Corsica and Christophe Ferrandi’s 14 hectare Domaine is nestled into this rugged landscape, planted with 40 year old Nieluccio vines (a relative of Sangiovese) and Vermentino. Having previously made wines with Domaine Pibarnon in Bandol he moved to Corscia to be a consultant with a local co-operative.  However the lure of making his own wine proved too strong and when he discovered a particularly fine parcel of neglected, old-vine Nieluccio he was able to take a few hectares for himself and Clos Signadore was born.  Christophe established the Domaine in 2001 and converted to fully organic production in 2010.

Work in the vineyard is demanding, traditional and all done by hand.  Corsica is blessed with hot summers, but with this exposure comes the need for very careful canopy management to avoid excessive ripeness and jammy fruit. Christophe works hard to produce wines with a freshness and vitality that belies the norm on the island.

His white is a textured and refreshing example that shows the potential for Vermentino in Corsica and his reds are traditionally made, full flavoured and full bodied expressions of the complex, mineral terroir of Patrimonio.  Christophe is setting the standard for organic viticulture in Corsica and a return to traditional methods in the winery (using long cool macerations and extended élevage in large old barrels) and his wines are now benchmarks for what can be achieved on the island.  Minimal sulphur used at bottling.