Wine on Tap

Photo credit India Hobson - Ambulo

Uncharted Wines started its Wine on Tap project on 16.11.17 hand-delivering Le Grappin Beaujolais Nouveau (Bojonuvo) in 20L kegs to a handful of restaurants in London. 

We have come a long way since.  We have now undertaken over 60 installs and supply over 100 restaurants, shops and bars with kegged wine.

We have the largest selection of wine in Keg in Europe with over 60 wines available ranging in price from house wine to village Burgundy..  

The benefits of wine on tap are: 


The last glass is as fresh as the first – our kegs stay fresh for over two months.


No corks, no glass, no cases, and no wastage.
More time for staff interaction with customers and faster delivery of wine.


A 20L keg holds 26.67 bottles worth of wine – a reduction of over 50% of the storage footprint of bottled wine.  Our dispense systems have inbuilt cooling, removing the need for refrigeration of whites, rosés and fizz.


Our kegs are crushable by hand and are completely recyclable.  
We have one central London restaurant that has saved 12 metric tonnes of glass waste per year.  One 20L keg removes the need for 16kg of glass, 26 capsules, closures and labels, and 1.6kg of cardboard.

You also remove all spoilage costs from oxidation and corked bottles, shrink storage cost and electricity cost by reducing refrigeration space (wine is chilled to order.)


We make efficiencies at filling, shipping and distribution and pass all these into the price of our wines.  This means a wine can be up to 20% less expensive than the equivalent bottled wine making a £10 glass of wine £8 from a keg.

If you would like to hear more about our Wine on Tap range please contact us.