Domaine Coteaux des Margots

Domaine Coteaux des Margots is perfectly nestled into the Mâcon hills of Southern Burgundy, just 5km from the start of the Beaujolais.  And Beaujolais is exactly where we were out for dinner when we first came across this little gem of a producer. 15 hectares of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay are sustainably farmed by Jean-Luc and Veronique Duroussay and their son Pierre in the gentle warmth of the Mâcon sun.  We are very proud to be offering these authentic, delicious wines for the first time in the UK.

Life is generally pretty uncomplicated in the Mâcon and so it goes in the vineyards and the cellar.  The Duroussay’s use lutte raisonnée in the vineyard which means they only use products when they absolutely have to, to help ensure a healthy crop of grapes.

The Chardonnay for their Mâcon Blanc is then picked with good levels of acidity by both hand and machine before undergoing a gentle, relatively cool fermentation to help retain as much pure fruit and floral aroma as possible.  The wine then spends a short time in lined concrete vats which helps add a little polish before bottling.  The focus is on freshness and finesse in the cellar so there is absolutely and resolutely no oak used here, which means nothing interferes with the goal of producing perfect examples of beautifully textured and zippy Southern Burgundian Chardonnay.  Simple pleasures.