Fazenda Pradio


Operating outside of the D.O (Ribeira Sacra), Xavi Soeanes makes wine the way he wants to. Working bio-dynamically farmed vineyards on a terraced cliff overlooking the Mino just South of where it becomes the Sil.

Xavi has begun grafting Mencia to indigenous varietals such a Brancellao and Merenzao (which is known as Bastardo in Spain and Trousseau in Jura). Xavi picks early, as was common practice several generations ago before acidification became more normal in the region. In 2018 Xavi began to use granite tanks in an effort to further replicate the wine making practices before the region modernised by using oak barrels.

Xavi's wines truly reflect the terroir of Ribeira Sacra and show how the future of winemaking in the region is in fact in the past.