In memory of Josh Adler


We are extremely sad to share the news that Josh Adler, founder of Paris Wine Company, passed away on 25th February 2022 in Paris, at just 42 years old. Please see this article on the Paris Wine Co. site.

For the next two weeks all the proceeds from sales of the wines below (which are all producers that worked with Josh) will be donated to the two charities of Josh’s family’s choice (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in California or Vendanges Solidaires in France ).


Josh and all the team at Paris Wine Company have been a huge part of what we do at Uncharted.

I first met Josh around a year before we got Uncharted off the ground. Matthieu Vallée suggested we should meet and have a chat. We liked the same kind of stuff wine-wise, a few months later he came over with some Parisiens looking to get into the Wine on Tap game. We went around London looking at taps, soon Josh was helping us discover new wines for kegs, and we were on our way. He would tell growers that the kegs were for a place near the Eiffel Tower rather than just a tiny start-up over in London. He used to send me messages saying things like ‘Holy Shit you have to taste this Burgundy I just tried’ and he carved out our allocations with fairness and great pride. Having been a sommelier, that innate sense of making sure everyone has the optimum amount in their glass was how Josh approached his professional life.

I believe that people will think back for many years to the changes that Josh Adler brought to our trade. In Beaujolais alone he has done more than anyone I can think of to lift up that region towards the status it deserves. He absolutely inspired me to think differently and to approach things in my own way rather than the way others might. He saw my strengths and weaknesses and he supported them. If you like what we do, his influence is there and it will always be so.

Sending all our love to Josh’s wife Catherine, their two sons Max and Paul and all the team at Paris Wine Co.