Matt Gregory The English winemaker

Working as a wine merchant in England for more than 20 years, Matt eventually started making his own wines in Sussex and in New Zealand, where he worked alongside Theo Coles (of The Hermit Ram in North Canterbury).

Matt’s wines originate both from England and Italy, and are all labelled as ‘The English Winemaker’. He has a natural approach to winemaking and allows the different terroirs to express themselves.

The English wines are produced from grapes grown at the organically farmed Walton Brook Vineyard (two hectares, south facing) on the Leicestershire Wolds. Soil includes 200 million year old Jurassic fine grained limestone (mud made up from carbonates of coral and shell) overlain with two million year old glacial deposits featuring limestone, flint and ironstone.

The Italian wines come from Villa Giada in Piedmont, grapes are sustainably farmed, no synthetic herbicides or pesticides are used.