Sybille Kuntz Weingut

Sybille’s family have been living in Lieser, in the Mosel, for many generations and have always been involved in aspects of the wine business, from producing barrels to looking after wines for other local growers.  They even acted as wine merchants.  Sybille left home to study and became a wine merchant herself, opening a wine shop to help fund her studies.  She began by selling her family’s wine, and as she began to buy other people’s wines she noticed that the quality of the region was sadly slipping.  Taking things into her own hands, Sybille returned to the Mosel to begin producing wines on her family’s estate.  To help increase the quality she knew she had to produce a dry wine, and not the sweeter style of the 1980s.  She also knew the vineyards must be treated without chemicals, and so began the long process of converting to ’Organic’, finally being certified in 2003. These wines are now recognised as some of the greatest dry Riesling in the world and there is no doubt that Sybille and Markus will continue to pioneer both in their region but also with what is one of the worlds greatest grape varieties.