Vigna San Lorenzo

Marta and Alberto run a small family farm, 450m up in the San Lorenzo hills, and aptly describe their wine as ‘Mountain Prosecco’, on land farmed in the most incredible way.  Being certified as organic doesn’t really shed any light onto how their plants are looked after, with each vine being cared for and treated with homeopathy.  They measure the energy throughout the vineyard, burying amathus stones in the parts where the levels are low.  This attention to detail runs into the winery, where they use copper trees to channel energy in, all of which helps the spontaneous (and sometimes very long) fermentation.  Alberto and Marta are better described as stewards of their land than winemakers, working tirelessly to keep it as healthy as possible.

Col Tamarie (the only wine produced) is a blend of six grape varieties, including Bianchetta, Grapariol and the more familiar Glera.  The wine spends a small amount of time on skins, never has any sulphites added and rests for a minimum of 10 months before being available.  This may originate from Prosecco territory, but it is so much more than that.